Month: August 2020

How to improve your ability to understand the text you have read?

Strategies for ASD, parents and teachers to overcome reading difficulties Many people can read, but after reading it is difficult for them to remember exactly what they read. There may be several reasons for that. It is possible that a person puts so much effort into voicing words (out loud or about themselves) that they […]

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“What about them?” Education in Georgia

Features of school education in Georgia The Georgian leadership understands that the main resource of the country is the intellectual potential of its citizens and directs its reforms towards the education system, following the example of American and European systems. At the same time, we can see obvious signs of the Soviet system in education. […]

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Sentence Structure: How to Craft the Perfect Sentence

Authorship and authenticity of the MessageOf the ancient writers, Origen was the first to mention the authorship of the Message (Orig. In Ioan. comm. XIX 23. 152-153; Idem. In Ep. ad Rom. IV 8. 30). It is true that he called the author of the Epistle simply James or Ap. James, without specifying which James […]

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