5 tips to get your child interested in math

5 tips to get your child interested in math

Math including mass (weight) is a difficult subject. Most students have trouble with it. Most problems begin in elementary school. Missing out at this stage can make it more difficult later on. Here’s how to get your child excited about math. Take advantage of these tried-and-true tips.

1. Connect math concepts to life. If y

ou explain to children how to apply what they learn in class to real life, it makes sense to them what it’s all about. For example, anyone solves math problems every day: for example, at the grocery store.

2. play math games about 7 days of the week. Both computer and board games are great for practicing mental calculation skills and reaction speed. The advantage of “board games” is that they can be played with the whole family.

3. Solve logical problems with a trick. For example: “There were four pears and three apples growing on an apple tree. How many apples were growing on the apple tree?” Children notice the trick and it amuses them a lot, as a result memorization is more effective.

4. Read entertaining books about math. For younger students suit series by Vladimir Levshin on the adventures of the Master of Discipline and his assistant Unity, as well as “Amusing Arithmetic” Yakov Perelman.

5. Participate in online math quizzes. Through interesting and sometimes funny tasks, your child will realize that serious math can be fun and exciting.