Advantages and disadvantages of aerial yoga

Advantages and disadvantages of aerial yoga

Regular workouts and aerial yoga exercises are possible for people of all ages, including children and the elderly. Pregnant women and those who have recently given birth can also improve their physical fitness, relieve stressful feelings and find inner balance. The direction is recommended even for patients with locomotor disorders and with cerebral palsy.

An important advantage is the reduced pressure on the spine, which is unloaded due to the lack of direct impact of body weight. Joints return to their place. Children will be able to get rid of accumulated excess energy or stress at school. Also, anti-gravity yoga can prevent scoliosis and other spinal disorders.

Specialists attribute the positive effects of this direction to the following aspects of exercise:

General healing of tissues and internal organs, which occurs due to the normalization of blood flow. Cells receive necessary nutrition, as a result of which regeneration is significantly accelerated, there is a prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
Due to the normal flow of oxygen to the cells and the removal of muscle clamps, the body relaxes. After training a person feels a burst of energy, positive mood. Normalization of sleep and wakefulness, the nervous system comes into balance, the ability to cope with stress and problems in life increases;
increases flexibility, improves coordination and endurance. In the air, muscles stretch better, get oxygenated, and recover quickly. Stiffness and stiffness disappear;
Spasms are relieved and pain in the joints and muscles disappears. Thanks to the removal of tension from the blood vessels go migraine, subside cervical and lumbar pain, dizziness, symptoms of vascular dystonia disappear;
A pleasant result of exercise is an improvement in the appearance of the figure. The body becomes firmer, excess weight is lost. Silhouette becomes smooth, balanced, the movement becomes graceful, easy and accurate, there is a beautiful posture;
Breathing gets better due to regular practice of controlling this process. Breathing becomes deep and conscious. Asthmatics and people suffering from panic attacks will acquire the ability to cope with bouts of choking and anxiety;
normalization of blood circulation becomes the cause of improved brain function, including easier concentration, good memory;
Many trainers include in the program of fitness in hammocks work with affirmations, philosophical sayings and meditations, which contributes to self-knowledge and the opening of new perspectives on the existing tasks and problems;
the work of the gastrointestinal tract is adjusted due to the change of the variants of the body position in space. The metabolism is accelerated, stools are normalized and flatulence and heartburn pass.
The disadvantages of the direction include its novelty. As a result of this factor, not every city in the country has properly equipped classes with qualified coaches. Also for this reason, the cost of practice can be quite high.

There are contraindications to aeroyoga in hammocks. It is not recommended to load the body during viral diseases, high fever, maxillary sinusitis, otitis media, GI pathologies, sinusitis. For women during menstruation or during prolonged pregnancy, it is better to refrain from exercising. Strict contraindications include:

varicose veins;
an enlarged thyroid gland;
heart defects;
serious mental disorders;
high blood pressure;
vertebral disc displacement;
malignant neoplasms;
Post-traumatic periods after craniocerebral injuries.