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How to improve a person’s memory?

10 ways to improve a person’s memory. As adults, we are surprised time and again by the phenomenal ability of young children to grasp everything lightning fast, literally on the fly. The reason why this happens is entirely scientific. The fact is that the child’s brain is in the process of constant training. Only regular […]

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Learning to manage a reputation.

The most expensive and at the same time the most vulnerable asset of any company recently becomes its individual brand. And it means that every year the role and importance of PR specialists, marketing specialists, brand managers grows. Roundtable participants discuss the modern understanding of reputation management and programs that allow mastering image management technologies. […]

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Learn to breathe.

Learning today is both a luxury and an urgent necessity: a good education is not so easy to get, and without it, it is impossible to get a real job. In the business environment, market success depends above all on a company’s ability to learn and respond to change faster than its competitors. That is […]

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