Features of yoga as a means of quitting tobacco

Features of yoga as a means of quitting tobacco

We suggest looking at what exactly yoga https://www.julianalucky.com/post/9-ways-to-practice-mindfulness-with-kids (regardless of style) helps to quit smoking. It should be noted that a person practicing yoga is distinguished, first of all, by willpower. This is achieved both through physical practice and through direct training of the mind. It is the mind that plays a key role in the question of how yoga helps to quit smoking. In order to quit addiction, you must first of all mobilize your will. It is the will that makes it possible to overcome the bad habit with one’s own strength.

Of course, unlike medication, it is impossible to get a result here and now from yoga. There is no magic mantra or special pranayama that can beat a bad habit, but the result obtained from the practice of yoga will be final and 100%.

Researchers concluded that “mind-soothing practices can be helpful in kicking the smoking habit.”

Current primary treatments for smokers, including cognitive and behavioral therapies, as well as pharmacological methods, nicotine replacement therapy, and atypical antidepressants have moderate effects. In view of this fact, a review of studies on the effects of yoga and meditation on smoking cessation is encouraging.

While traditional nicotine cessation methods help many quit smoking in the short term, long-term abstinence is a serious problem for most smokers.

Incorporating additional therapies, such as yoga and meditation, can help increase awareness of one’s body and mind, as well as develop greater emotional control and restraint in behavior.

There is general agreement that body and mind practices, including yoga, breathing exercises, meditation and others, are extremely helpful in relieving stress. It is likely that those trying to kick the tobacco habit can benefit from adding such techniques to their treatment program, especially during the stressful process of dealing with cravings and desire.