How do you develop a fantasy?

How do you develop a fantasy?

How do you develop a fantasy

Do you think that your fantasy and level of thinking leaves much to be desired? How to develop your fantasy? And you do not want to put up with it and are ready to change for the better, even with hard work? Then we want to tell you the wonderful news: in order to develop your fantasy does not need to meditate for hours or days of auto-trainings, there is a much simpler solution! And this solution – computer games. Yes, yes, they are, despite the extremely popular belief that all computer games are a waste of time and zombie. All this nonsense gentlemen and ladies! Let’s talk a little bit about psychology so that you can understand what it is actually about and why the games are not as bad as they are said.

First of all, it should be noted that a game is an integral part of human life and learning process. We play as children, collecting castles from the cubes and then destroying them. We play in preschool age, with sticks ahead of time shooting from imaginary guns no less unreal enemies, then winning and winning, then getting into captivity. And when we grow up, already in adolescence, the game ceases to be so obvious, but still remains. Take, for example, the usual flirtation in communication between a guy and a girl, and this is the simplest game, which aims to identify the winner in the eternal argument “who is who? The salt is that the games, whatever they may be, imitate real life situations that we see around us. This is how boys, playing war, learn to perceive combat action, putting into their subconscious this or that pattern of behavior. Or the girl, swaying the doll, working out her maternal instinct, which will awaken much later, but its roots will be taken from this situation. And the brighter, more complex and realistic games, the less involved our fantasy, and more involved thinking process, and vice versa. As a consequence, if we take as an example of the game on the computer “Dune” released in times immemorial, then participating in this strategic war, you will develop your fantasy. And playing, for example, in the ultra-modern “Crysys” you will “pump up” your logical and reflex skills. This is because the worse the graphic processing of the game is, the harder it is for us to imagine the reality of what is happening and, as a result, our imagination simply draws the missing details.

But we can not consider bright and colorful games completely deprived of the opportunity to develop imagination. Most games with a free world and a non-linear story always leave the player the opportunity to choose a particular path, in which the game managed to surpass even books. And let the bibliophiles squeak their teeth, saying that the games all dull, however, reading a book you can not think of your own branched plot, because it just is not planned initially. And “Mass Effect”, “Dragon Age” and other quest games give us the opportunity to feel the merger with the main character of the game brighter, to choose for him, to empathize with him and finish the game as we would do it ourselves.

There is also a third option. These are those absolutely atypical games like “Turgor”, which simply blow up not only the fantasy of the players, but also the minds of critics. Oh, how many bad and good things were said about this game, where everything is created only by strokes of different colors, and the purpose of the game itself – to break out of the half-dead world, drunk with color to the tie and become alive. This kind of game best develop the skill of visualization, as the characters presented in them are often bright and with some grotesque, which is very easy and quick to remember.

Games and their impact at different ages.

How do you develop a fantasy

Of course, you should get better in the sense that the game is recommended for the development of imagination and thinking to those people who have already fully formed their character and are full personalities. When allowed to play computer games of children you only traumatize their psyche, erasing the line between reality and the virtual world, and thanks to your mistake child can seriously abstract from the real world. And besides all negative consequences for the child himself, think what it will be like for you when he suddenly decides that you, the one who gave birth to him and brought him up, his enemy, who can be simply killed, because game life allows such a turn of events. Do not risk the psyche of your child and your own life. Be prudent and limit him to computer games for the time being.


What can you say in addition to everything written? First of all, try to pay attention to “smart” games. Normal beautiful meat grinder or shooter will not bring you absolutely no benefit, while a historical strategy or military action game will teach you not only how to model situations, but also give your brain a good warm-up. After all, remember that all computer strategies take their origin in chess, shooting at wars, and quests in life itself. Play and enjoy, but know the measure in everything!

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