How not to lose your temper?

How not to lose your temper?

How not to lose your temper

And if you have given in to temptation and, having earned money, have lost all desire to go on, do not despair! There are many ways in which you can regain confidence in your strength and the will to win. Let us consider some of them, many times tried and tested on real people in such situations. Of course, they may not help you, but the chance is very slim. Reading and enlightened! How not to fall in spirit?

Way number one. Meditation.
Nothing replenishes the power reserve like meditation! And it is not even that you fill up with energy and get a charge of vigor directly from the environment, but that meditative relaxation is truly one of the best ways to relax. Is it a joke, but even one hour spent in such meditation every day can cut the amount of your usual night sleep in half, without losing its quality! But to get back to the point, you should meditate in the following way:

  • Lie down comfortably, relax. To do this, strain, and then relax in turn, each part of the body, while watching your breathing. On the average, it can take from three to ten minutes, and it is normal, because ideally you need to achieve a state of complete immobility and abstraction of your body from the mind.
  • Stop the internal dialogue. Similarly, this takes quite a lot of time, as this skill has been developed over the years, but focusing on something will help you a lot in this case. Just imagine a simple subject and concentrate on it while thinking only about it.

When you have achieved a state of complete peace and quiet, you can let go of the visual image and just repeat the same mantra: “Om-aum” in a circle, all the time meditation. At first it will take you from an hour to two hours, but in the future you will be able to conduct this meditation with the same result in 30-40 minutes, together with the process of entering it.

Mode 2. Plan.
Ironically, making an achievement plan can unimaginably spur your motivation. Agree, it is much more pleasant to work on something, seeing the return and perhaps the reason for your devastation is precisely because you think that despite all the efforts, did not work enough. This is very common and in order to avoid such situations, a plan of success should be conducted constantly or at least weekly.

Electronic diaries are very well suited for this purpose. Service can be rebuilt for yourself completely, starting with the design and ending with registration, and a huge plus is privacy and convenience. Agree that opening an evening page on the Internet is much easier than carrying a book for notes.

Another alternative in this matter may be to create a so-called vish-list, or simply a list of wishes. This sheet is a usual Watman about 50 by 50 cm, on which all your wishes and peculiar steps on the way to them are splintered or drawn. As you go through these steps, cross them off the sheet. This will create a permanent visual picture of your progress in life and will not let despair!

Way 3. Literature.
The easiest way, which is as old as the world. Most likely, all of you have seen on the Internet thousands of quotations, unscrupulously borrowed from one or another author, for various publics in social networks. All of them are found in the books of these authors, which perhaps you can read. For example, if you are an athlete and have a long period of stagnation during which you cannot increase either weight or number of repetitions, it is likely that documentaries, biographies or books written by the great bodybuilders of our time will help you. Among them are Coleman, Schwarzenegger, Cutler and other stars of their size. The whole point is that when you read the stories of those who have already overcome similar problems, you begin to realise that this is just a psychological attitude, which prevents you from getting ahead.

How not to lose your temper

Using all of the above methods, first try to prevent symptoms of fatigue. Rest more, get a good night’s sleep, organize your leisure time and so on. The fact is that even if you get out of this state a winner, every repeated depression will be more and more difficult for you. In the end, at one point you just get tired of fighting the inevitable and you spit on everything, leaving the sport, leaving the business or study. And there is nothing sadder than to see a man who could have achieved more, but gave up halfway because of a lack of faith in his own strength. Eastern Qigong techniques – for physical health and Feng Shui – for spiritual balance and happiness also help to cope with such situations. If nothing helps you, it may make sense to turn to them to make your life more harmonious and correct. And finally, if you have tried all the ways, and despite the fact that nothing has helped you, do not want to give up and go back, try the system of personal freedom “Turbo Gopher”, which will also help you get rid of self-digging, unnecessary, groundless experiences, stupid complexes and the like.

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