How to learn how to write articles from scratch: all you need to do it.

How to learn how to write articles from scratch: all you need to do it.

Greetings, dear readers of the blog Pavel Yamb is on the phone and today I will tell you how to learn to write articles. The main emphasis will be on information articles that you can sell well or fill any site. We remember that content is king, it is in demand and well paid.

Exactly how to learn what to do, what are the methods and necessary services for this. Here we go.

How to be a good writer
This issue worries many newcomers. Why do some people know how to articulate thoughts and write interesting texts in a coherent manner, while others get illiterate essays at the fifth grade level? Probably the secret is that all people are different. Some people approach the matter conscientiously, work a lot on themselves, read special literature, while others do not bother much and do the work as they please. It happens that quickly writing a couple of articles and selling them for kopecks (to the first customer), beginners soon leave this activity and are looking for easier ways to earn money. And, of course, do not find.

How to learn how to write articles from scratch

There is an opinion that the ability to beautifully and competently present ideas on paper is given from birth, but it is not quite so. Only appearance and environment are given from birth, and other skills are developed after certain efforts. With few exceptions, nothing in this life is given easily.

Of course, you can graduate from a special literature university, journalism or philology faculty. Such way is difficult, will take you more than one year, most of this time you will spend on the study of subjects not very necessary for you and it does not guarantee a good income on the texts.

Learn to write articles can be on courses – options better than the previous one. There are free marathons, such as the ones I conducted recently, where I dealt with students all their texts. There are paid, cheap and expensive.

You can learn this knowledge on your own by going through trial and error. This method is also difficult, but also the most common in our time. And, in fact, why not? There is a lot of information now, and if there is a strong desire, you can grow well in this area.

Practical application of knowledge
It’s clear you have to write. You can start with posts on your wall in vk, installations, start a site, write on it, but the best is an extreme practice, and immediately paid. Here you will understand: yours or not, goes or stands.

Writing articles for money – is copywriting. The copywriter is the person who writes them for the customer or for free sale. They are sold at the copywriting exchange. Accordingly, it is necessary to undergo practical training there. As you know, the future doctor is practicing in a hospital and first does the dirty work, and then serious for a normal salary.

On the stock exchanges as well, only much less time passes from dirty work for a penny to good earnings. After six months, you can earn money as a good doctor. Dirty work is writing articles for a little money – there is less demand, and a lot of experience is added. Here you will find out what texts are in demand, what customers are, what sites they have. This will gradually lead you into a world of completely different, higher earnings.

Your skil will be constantly improving, and finally, you will become a real master of copywriting. And this is not a joke anymore.

How do you learn
First you need to understand the very principle of writing, where to get ideas and information from, and how to put them together. You can see how it is spelled from the first letter to the last point. To do that, I just wrote an article with video examples and recorded the whole process right on the video. It’s right here. Just repeat after me.

Now you need to evaluate your work. If you don’t get into a smart free marathon and don’t want to spend money on courses, you have to go to the copywriting exchange. You can choose one of these. I recommend, which is where I teach the newcomers. Here you can learn for yourself and get your first money.

Do you understand the idea? If you write yourself, show your mom or sister, it won’t do any good. When independent people tell you what and how it’s all about. The main thing here is not to be disappointed or abandoned, but to try and develop.

You register, fill out a profile about yourself, put up for sale the written article and in parallel look for orders. Choose your favorite and write for the customer. Dear order you will not take, but for a start and do not need, take it easy. If you have any questions, write in comments, I will help.

The main text of the article
The headline, the introduction you will calmly cope with yourself is not a headache. At my students the most difficult is to write the main text of the article. This is the longest part of the work and I will focus on it in more detail.

For example, we want to write about sports betting. We open some articles from the Yandex issue and leave three liked. Our article will be a combination of information from these three donors. When you read three other people’s articles, you will have a general picture, and you will understand what structure should be. In our case:

the benefits of betting on sports;
how things work;
where you can make a bet;
how to make the right bet;
betting strategies;
This is a ready-made article structure. First we will write about the fact that on a hobby of sports you can raise good money. Then we will write how it works: if we bet 1000 rubles on the victory of the team, we will earn 2300. Then we talk about online betting offices, where you can do it, then, how to do it correctly, we will sign a few strategies and give examples.

You read the information, highlight important paragraphs and rewrite them in your own words.

What to learn and consider
Print Speed
In the first stage, while you are a beginner, do not chase the speed of typing and do not get upset if you get long. The main thing is to start and get the first money. Gambling will make you learn to type with ten fingers blindly. In fact, it is not so difficult, there are special simulators that will help with this.

For example, the program Stamina 2.5, which you can download to your computer. Working with it is not difficult, and in a week of training you can print at a speed of 100 characters per minute. Familiarize yourself with the program start with the light exercises that are in the program under the button Mode, lesson number 1.

How to learn how to write articles from scratch

Start with the first class. The main condition of success, which, for some reason, is not written about anywhere – does not seek to increase the speed of printing. If you think that you need to print quickly and with a lot of mistakes, then you are deeply mistaken.

The best thing is to slowly but accurately get to the right letters without looking at the keyboard. The more collected and diligent you are, the quicker you can put the right letters into your memory. So, do not hurry, the speed will not leave you.

If you forget the location of the letter, try to strain your memory, and gradually you will print on the machine, knowing where and which letter is located. Do at least half an hour a day – the blind method of printing will certainly get used to. Free tutorials can be [urlspan] downloaded here[/urlspan.

Literacy .
How are you and the Russian? Customers, and the copywriting exchange itself, prefer competent authors. Some even have a condition to pass a literacy test and it depends on your level as an author. If you have problems with literacy, do not be very upset. First, a set of rules needed for information articles, not too big, you’re not an artwork write. And, secondly, there are special services that will help you detect basic errors and punctuation.

If you are interested in learning your level of literacy, you can try interactive dictations, where you will have an opportunity to test your knowledge in practice. There is nothing complicated about it and you will not have to write on paper.

When you open such an online dictation, you will see the finished text, in the missed places which has several answers. You should, at your discretion, insert the missing letters. If something is wrong, then after the dictation you can check the errors, there you will be written in detail where you made the mistake and why, plus you will be given a score.

If you’re not good at literacy, read how to promote it.

The uniqueness of the text
Yes, when you rewrite the text, it must end up being unique, that is, it must not be on other sites from which you stole them. There are many services to verify the uniqueness of the text, many exchanges have their own and each customer has its own requirements on the degree of uniqueness.

If you do not use well-known quotes, extracts from Wikipedia, then your article should be 100 percent unique.