Thinking mind and wise mind

Thinking mind and wise mind

These terms, as well as most of the ideas for this article, I took from the book “Meditation Now” by Elizabeth Reninger.

The thinking mind is the mind that uses words, images and logic and This intelligence, which owns information about things, understanding them intellectually. The thinking mind includes practical logical thoughts, creative thoughts, and monkey mind thoughts.

The wise mind is the source of intuition, immediate, direct and non-verbal knowledge. He is not limited by the rules of logic and does not speak any particular language. A wise mind manifests itself in moments of insight, intuitive insights or in a feeling of admiration for inexpressible beauty, moments of kindness and gratitude.
It may be similar to the feeling of being in love, but not to anything specific. Sweetly expansive, deeply relaxing and constantly eluding description.

Activating the wise mind is very simple – you just need to pay attention to the conscious presence associated with the words “I am.”

The difference between a thinking mind and a wise mind is like the difference between electricity and a light bulb. Electricity is the energy that allows a light bulb to emit light. A light bulb is an instrument through which electricity becomes visible. While light bulbs are visible and located in specific locations, electricity is invisible and has no specific location.

Although there are many light bulbs burning in your house, there is only one electrical network that gives them all energy. In this example, electricity is akin to the wise mind, and light bulbs are the thinking mind. The brightness of a lamp, how powerfully and completely it conducts electricity to light up a room, can be compared to the degree of awareness of a person. Mindfulness is a function of the wise mind of a person.

As I said, mindfulness is a function of the wise mind, it is the brightness of the lamp of your consciousness.

Mindfulness can be contrasted with distracted attention. To be distracted means to be involved in the dramas of the monkey mind. This means that you “boarded the train” of your thoughts, images and emotions and it took your mind away from the “here and now” moment. Ten minutes, an hour, two hours later, you can wake up and only then realize that you have been pulled into a fantasy all this time, a fictional world. Don’t worry about having thoughts. Inner dialogue is not an obstacle if you do not cling to thoughts.
This moment of realizing that you have been involved in thoughts is a magical moment. It is magic, because the moment you realize that you have been carried away by thoughts, you are aware. So this moment should be celebrated!