Types of yoga aimed at burning fat

Types of yoga aimed at burning fat

The most effective fat-burning varieties are Ashtanga, Bikram, and power yoga https://www.julianalucky.com/post/10-awesome-birthday-party-ideas-for-4-year-old.

The basis of the system is energetic exercises that follow each other in a certain order. But, if any movement gives the practitioner discomfort or pain, it can be excluded from the general set of exercises or performed in a lightweight version. It is generally accepted that Ashtanga is not suitable for beginners due to the high complexity and intensity of the classes. It really is. The main advantages of this system are the ability to work out the relief of muscles and burn fat in problem areas of the body. Also, with the help of Ashtanga, you can get rid of problems with a curved spine. For one full-fledged training, you can burn up to 300 kcal. In combination with the right diet, Ashtanga allows you to get rid of 5 kg of fat per month;

One of the most exotic methods. A feature is the exercise at a high (40 ° C) temperature in the room. Thus, practitioners try to imitate the hot climate of India as accurately as possible. It is believed that high temperature and humidity contribute to better stretching of muscles and ligaments, as well as accelerated weight loss. Like Ashtanga, this system is suitable only for experienced people who do not have health problems. Therefore, before starting classes, it is recommended to visit a doctor to exclude the presence of contraindications. The main advantage of the Bikram system is the ability to reduce body weight by 2-3 kg in one session. It is worth noting that such extreme weight loss is possible due to the increased removal of fluid from the body, and not the burning of fat reserves;

Power yoga.
This system is based on asanas from Ashtanga Vinyasa. A feature is the power orientation of all exercises, as well as the presence of dynamic connections between them. At the same time, there are no periods of rest in the classroom. Due to the high power loads, this technique allows you to work out the whole body with high quality. At the same time, weight is actively reduced and a beautiful muscle relief is formed.

The presented methods are not intended for independent work. It is necessary to practice them only under the supervision of an experienced mentor, who will correct the execution technique, as well as monitor the well-being of the practitioner. But what if there is no way to exercise under the supervision of a competent instructor? There are simple weight loss exercises that you can do on your own.