What is an “essay”: how to write gre essay, mistakes in writing, an essay plan.

What is an “essay”: how to write gre essay, mistakes in writing, an essay plan.

If we talk about “essay” as a direction of creativity, it can most likely be compared to an ordinary composition. Naturally, when writing such an “essay” there are certain rules.

Speaking about such a direction, in the context of copywriting (this is not uncommon), it is rather a statement of one’s own experience in relation to a product or service. The essence of it does not change, but still there are some subtleties that are worth knowing for both those who are just going to write and those who start doing copywriting.

What is an "essay": how to write gre essay, mistakes in writing, an essay plan.

What is an essay
An essay is a kind of essay, small (by volume) in free form. The essay presents the author’s own thoughts, his experience and opinion on a question or subject, which do not pretend to be complete truth or definition.

The word “essay” itself came to us from French and means: experience, attempt, sketch, essay. That is, the title itself fully reveals the essence of the direction.

It is not rare in schools or universities, at exams or the USE, one of the tasks is to write an essay. But also often, in the Internet it is possible to find (especially on exchanges of copywriting) similar task for the author.

Sometimes it can be used as an entrance exam or for obtaining a status, and sometimes it can be found at customers.

So, knowing and understanding what an essay is is essential.

What kind of essays do you have
The essay can be divided into two main directions – this:

1) Objective – which presents personal thoughts in a particular direction, supported by something;

  1. Subjective – where the personal point of view, even if it is a specific problem, is not supported and does not claim the truth.

For example, Reflections on a UFO topic is the second option, and Reflections on a water formula is the first.

You can also divide an essay by content into several subcategories:

  1. Philosophical;
  2. Philosophical; 2. Critical;
  3. Literary;
  4. Historical;
  5. Art and others.

In terms of literary affiliation, several basic types can be distinguished:

  1. Miniature;
  2. Note;
  3. Review;
  4. essay;
  5. Letter and others.

That is, the essence of the essay is very broad in nature. The only thing that remains unchanged is that it is based on an author’s opinion or observation.

Essay plan (structure)
How do you write an essay? It would seem that it might be easier to put your thoughts on a question on paper. But the person who writes an essay usually faces some difficulties in making the structure (plan) of the essay.

Writing an essay should start with some important aspects:

  1. The style of essay writing should be supported by the author’s own emotions, opinion and vision;
  2. 2. The subject of the material should be clearly stated. The question is raised or the reader’s attention is drawn to the object of the text in the introduction and conclusions are drawn on the same in the conclusion;
  3. 3. The correct arrangement of “question – answer” in paragraphs, harmonious and smooth transitions between them.

Like any text, an essay has its own “skeleton”. The structure of the essay should be as follows:

Thesis statement of the author’s thought or question (object);

  1. argumentation of the questions posed.

Argumentation of the question, problem or described object should be done in any way: by historical facts, observations, quotations from articles or scientific works and similar means.

Based on the above essay, the following plan is drawn up:

An essay plan:

What is an "essay": how to write gre essay, mistakes in writing, an essay plan.
  1. Introduction
  2. The thesis and his arguments.
  3. Thesis and his arguments.
  4. Conclusion.

It should also be remembered that the essay answers the question posed at the very beginning. And it is necessary to stick to it in the course of writing the whole text.

For example, if you write an essay on a problem, the answer should be a conclusion on how to avoid it next time and what conclusions should be made. Or, if you write an essay about an event, the answer is what it led to and whether it should be repeated. Most common words on gre for essay.

Rules for writing an essay
Since an essay is a small amount of copyright material, there are no global rules. There are several recommendations and a common feature.

Any essay must necessarily have a talking title. Explaining the essence of the question.
Recommendations for writing an essay:

  1. Essay structure: introduction, thesis, argument, conclusion. There can be any number of theses (as well as arguments to them);

2) Thesis may be the only one and is stated in the introduction;

3) The text of the essay is intended for the reader who has an idea of the question. That is, an essay should not “discover America” and talk to the reader about a problem which is familiar to him or her.

Problems and possible difficulties in writing an essay
Essay problems are confusion and misrepresentation of thoughts. And to write an essay correctly is possible only when you have a clear idea of what it is going to be about. Moreover, one should keep in mind the most frequent mistakes of beginner authors:

  1. Stick to the main theme of the text. Answering the question – to talk only about this topic; telling about yourself – do not go into reflections on the eternal, etc.;
  2. Clarity of phrases and thoughts, the exclusion of complex and unspecific proposals and turns;
  3. obligatory proofreading. You write for people and, most likely, for specific people. Read the text several times, thinking about whether you will be understood correctly;
  4. Do not use scientific terminology in arguments, write in your own language as you understand;
  5. 5. Do not understand the previous paragraph so that your opinion in the arguments does not seem reasonable;
  6. 6. Fill the text with your emotions.

Only one thing can make it difficult to write an essay: if you do not know what to write about. Learn and understand the subject (question, object).

How to write gre essay?

If you’ve read the whole article, understood what an essay is, understood the plan and its structure, learned what types and kinds of essays are, and dealt with possible problems in writing, then of course you have the question: “How to write your own essay”.

This question can only be answered by yourself. The main thing is to start. In order to write something, you have to write. This is equally true when writing a modern essay, and an essay on social studies at school and a small essay for a loved one; for any text. How to write gre essay fast?

But for sure, in order to better understand what an essay is, everyone wants to see an example.