Overcoming addictions that have a destructive effect on the individual is far from easy. After all, even having got rid of them, but without changing your lifestyle and behavior, you often return to them again and become even more dependent than before.
Practicing yoga including is just one of the ways to bring into your life the positive changes necessary to get rooted in your decision, and regular sports and improving your health are useful bonuses of the practice.

There are many deep reasons why a person becomes overgrown with bad habits, but most of them are related to his psychological state. Yoga is just what can help, because it raises the level of awareness and promotes the development of the mind, body and soul of the practitioner.

One of the principles of yoga is Satya or honesty. By practicing Satya, you will develop honesty towards yourself, you will be able to adequately realize the habits that negatively affect your life.

In the end, yoga is self-knowledge, and giving up bad habits is a prerequisite for advancing in the practice. Knowing yourself is the key to helping you stop feeding yourself destructive substances. Yoga unites mind and body, and from here begins an exciting journey to yourself.

Below are some common bad habits and tips on how to overcome them with yoga.


Smoking is a difficult habit to part with. Tobacco has the ability to have a calming effect on a person, relieve stress, and it is this ability of it that often becomes the reason why people become addicted to cigarettes.

Yoga can replace smoking by relieving stress in a more natural, harmless way. In addition, it will give you physical and mental health, spiritual balance.

In addition, there is evidence that yoga can restore the health of internal organs that have been badly damaged by smoking. The cardiovascular system, which does not receive the necessary oxygen for a long time, will finally be able to replenish it thanks to the improved blood supply after yoga. Performing certain movements with concentration on the breath will help to recover and the respiratory organs, which tobacco has also caused significant damage.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages

Drinking alcohol is another habit that harms our body. Although many people drink in limited amounts, it still has a health impact. Well, if this becomes a regular practice, then, of course, the negative effect will be more pronounced.

As with smoking, many people drink to relax. Yoga can become a substitute for alcohol in relieving stress. Asanas and pranayamas will help you learn how to deal with stress without a dose of alcohol.

You can try yoga in the morning or evening, see what works best for you to reduce your drinking and stress levels. Instead of a glass of wine at the end of a tough day, relieve tension with yoga practice or start your day with asanas to prepare yourself for all the challenges life will present today.

Binge eating

Yoga will help to cope with this habit, but here, unlike smoking and drinking alcohol, we cannot completely get rid of food in order to maintain vital processes.

But doing yoga will help you develop mindfulness for your body, which will lead to healthier eating habits. For overweight people, some areas of yoga may seem extremely difficult, but don’t let that stop you. Indeed, overstraining the body at this stage can be harmful, and even dangerous, but there are always classes for beginners that are also suitable for an overweight person. If you practice regularly, your weight will likely start to decrease over time.

It also helps to practice Satya (honesty) with yourself, allowing you to be aware of what you are putting into your body: this includes both the quality of the food and the size of the portions. Together, these practices can help you cope with overeating.

Eating disorders

Eating disorder is not only about consuming large amounts of fatty foods during psychological stress, the term is also associated with constant dieting and dissatisfaction with your body.

Yoga promotes emotional recovery by bringing focus inward, teaching a person to love and accept themselves. Plus, exercising regularly will help us recognize our food addictions and the reasons we overeat.

Meditation also teaches you to relax and be content with yourself and your appearance. But you need to be prepared that this will not be a fast path to healthy food consumption.

Thus, yoga is a great way to overcome bad habits, no matter how deeply ingrained they are in your life. First of all, it provides the necessary emotional support, and the physical development of the body is an excellent bonus, which helps to restore health and improve the general condition of a person.

If you have any addictions that you want to get rid of for a long time, try to do it together with yoga.