How to improve a person’s memory?

How to improve a person’s memory?

How to improve a person's memory

10 ways to improve a person’s memory.

As adults, we are surprised time and again by the phenomenal ability of young children to grasp everything lightning fast, literally on the fly. The reason why this happens is entirely scientific. The fact is that the child’s brain is in the process of constant training. Only regular thought processes are necessary for perfect memory functioning, otherwise the functioning slows down. So what should be done to ensure that this necessary tool always works actively and, most importantly, productively? There are many ways to do it. How to improve a person’s memory?

  1. Reading. At any free minute, at least for a short time, read a good book. In this way, you will make your brain work: to memorize the characters, their characters, feelings, life events. The clear images that appear in your head stimulate the imagination. That’s why reading not only improves memory, but also ennobles the vocabulary, developing the intellect as a whole.
  2. Computer games. Yes, it turns out that they not only “kill” your free time well, but also train your brain activity well. However, do not think that now you have a legitimate reason to sit for games all day long. Positive effect can be achieved only in the case of a short game – from half an hour to an hour. This is exactly what you need for brain training, because in the gameplay you will think and plan, choose a strategy and build the next steps. Distract from the routine work for half an hour of computer games – and your brain will work actively!
  3. Sleep well. To keep your brain in optimal condition, each person needs 8 hours of healthy sleep. After all, difficult working days with all kinds of problems that require immediate solutions, exhaust the body. The next day with new strength – to fight!
  4. Learn new things. Think about what you like, what you have long wanted to learn, but did not “reach the hands”. Try yourself in a new hobby, no matter what kind of it will be. Draw a landscape in your favorite park or enroll in a swimming course, write a poem or essay. In short, do something you don’t know and your brain will thank you for it!
How to improve a person's memory
  1. Routine, no! Dare to do an extraordinary thing, make a decision spontaneously, make changes in the daily routine – in general, do everything to get rid of routine routine.
  2. School math lessons. Try to remember the long forgotten multiplication table, calculate a simple arithmetic action in the mind, without the usual calculator, which is now always at hand thanks to a mobile phone. Make your brain work!
  3. Literature lessons. Again, about children. Have you noticed how many verses they can recite by heart? And how many do you know? Well, it’s not hard to change things for the better if you have a child. Learn poems with him. If you don’t have anyone to keep you company, just do it for yourself. Open a book of modern or classic poems to your taste – and go for it! In this way, you will not only improve your memory, but also be able to touch the beautiful, and very soon – it is nice to surprise your friends with the knowledge of a beautiful poem!
  4. Lessons in English. Studying foreign languages is a great “exercise” for brains. And in public life such knowledge will not remain unclaimed. Ten new words a day – and your memory is fine!
  5. Remember the past. Try to remember in detail how your yesterday went, preferably in reverse order – from evening to morning. In this way, you will achieve a special activation of memory, not allowing it to erase information.
  6. Improved vocabulary. Discover previously unknown words, concepts, professional terms by using the dictionary. Don’t forget to use them in your life afterwards – then you won’t have any memory problems.

Finally, remember: without using your own memory, you lose it. Try to follow the above tips, which will not take much time, but will give you a feeling of incredible comfort and confidence in their own abilities.